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Chamness Furniture Reviews

"Eric Chamness does amazing work and he is very reasonably priced!

  He's done all of our furnitures and it's all perfect"


"Looks great man, thank you"


IMG_0148 2.JPG

"This is the furniture you need! He made my new furniture after I sold the others you wanted! This is much better quality!"


"The custom table you made to go by our recliner is absolutely perfect! Your attention to detail is amazing and we are beyond thrilled with your creation... this definitely won't be our last purchase!"


"His work is flawless and absolutely beautiful. Eric is very easy to work with and genuinely cafes about what you are wanting and needing! If you are unsure he can give you some great ideas! I would recommend him 1,000 times!"


"Just received a side table for our nursery and it's wonderfully made and sturdy. He was very polite and went the extra mile for us even though we made a small purchase. 10/10 definitely recommended!"



"Omg, it looks amazing in my apartment!! You really did a great job. Thank you for being so great and communicating with me throughout the whole process!"



Theatre Design Reviews    

The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up Review     

September, 2018

"Commendations also need to go to scenic designer Eric Chamness, who has built (in an "in the round" set-up) a seeming boxing ring of a riser, with a rotating central platform and thousands of nooks and crannies for props and stools and benches and shelves. Overhead as an LED-Heavy arrangements of lighting panels that focus and rhythm." 

              -Brad Rudy

The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up Review

September, 2018

"Shoutout to scenic designer Eric Chamness and projection designer Sherry Zhao for engaging work! Aurora's high production quality brings out dimensions of Ching's piece, set against a background (literally) of framed screens in creative shapes on all four walls, with a rotating stage to match in an intimate, in the round (or rather, square) context. It's inventive. It's bold. An it's a perfect example of what makes Atlanta theatre and ever-growing industry."

                -Sally Henry

The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up Review

September, 2018

"From Broadway to regional theatre, this is one of the best productions of a show I've seen/ From the writing, and direction, the set, and THESE ACTORS, it was one of the best nights of theatre I've ever had. I am in love with the staging of this production, this show takes place in the round. They create a word arming you that takes you with projections, lighting, and sound design. The set is minimal which allows for you to have a part in the creation and imagining of this show."

                -Marshall W. Mabry IV

The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up Review

September, 2018

"Technical aspects of this show are spectacular and work well to help tell the story. The studio is transformed into a theatre in the round, with what appears to be geometric art on each wall. This artwork lends itself to projections that works with as continuity between changes and allow the audience to know the ages of characters prior to each scene. The projections then become part of the scenery. A revolving stage with cabinets and doors to hold props makes for interesting quick scene changes."


                   -Jody Key      

Hairspray Review

June, 2017

"Walker's staging is clever and utilizes the unique space well. He and scenic designer Eric Chamness establish multiple, fully realized locations while making a virtue of the intimate space."

                  -R. Eli Townsend

* 2017 USITT - Southeast: Scenic Design Award Winner for Scenic Design of Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike.

A Picasso Review

May, 2015

"One of this productions greatest strengths is the set. Beautifully constructed stone work and authentic detail are everywhere to be seen. Make sure to take a second glance at the stonework on the floor, it's incredible. " We were very fortunate that our 2015 Summer Season Technical Director, Eric Chamness, was able to come out two weeks early and work on 'Picasso' as well. Between Eric;s craftsmanship, along with his volunteer construction crew and scenic artist Jill Fives painting, it's definitely one of the best sets we've presented, says Moore."


                  -Bentley Davenport

Tarzan Review

June, 2015

"But I have to say that, "Tarzan" displays the most amazing set, acting, choreography, and lighting design that I have seen in a small theatre like this. I am sure this show will win awards!Those who worked on the set - Laura, Jill Fives, Tanya M Quinn, Eric Chamness (and his crew) and all the amazing volunteers (you know who you are) created the most amazing African jungle, right here in the heart of Pagosa Springs. I am in awe."

                  -Connie Papple

Don't Cry For Me Margaret Mitchell

April, 2015

"Eric Chamness' set, with its film motifs and art deco look, is a stylish homage to the golden age of Hollywood."

                  -Paul Hyde

Legally Blonde Review

September, 2014

"Eric Chamness and Suzanne McCalla designed a considerable number of fine set pieces, which seem to arrive and depart without a hitch - thanks, no doubt, to a large, skilled backstage crew."

                  -Paul Hyde

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